Our dedicated team will help you choose something exceptional, or if you prefer to browse and enjoy the meditative, spacious experience, we’ll intuitively let you be.

Georgina - Owner/Manager



I love nature and I love beautiful spaces. I especially love silence and space. I imagined a skip in the constant beat of life. I longed for somewhere you could just escape the constant humdrum of modern life. A place to lose yourself, and a place to find it again.

Books were my saviors growing up. I didn’t understand so many things, and at the same time as being confused, no one seemed to give me the answers or speak to me about the important things of life. Everyone was so busy! Instead I found the words of authors touched my heart. They were my heroes and heroines. They spoke the feelings that I hadn’t found the words for yet. They helped me understand myself. They showed me how to do life.

I studied the major literary movements in my arts degree at university. I also wished to be active in promoting an inclusive world, to combat racism, to find understanding between different cultures. Somewhere to introduce new thought and negotiate the edges of trailblazing research. The bookstore could be that political space. One that reflects the changing tides. A place to keep the conversation alive.....

We are in a golden age of books. The authors and the literature they’re writing are out of this world. The youth are challenging the status quo with unprecedented precision of thought. I think the future can be a beautiful one, so long as humans learn peace and compassion.

Georgina considers herself a humanist.

Trixie - Customer Service

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I am a hard working pooch by nature and when the opportunity came up to work at the bookshop I knew I'd found my calling. People-focused, calm, and with an ability to help people relax and enjoy themselves, I feel at home in the space. You'll normally see me at the door greeting you on your arrival, I might even help you shop, and I'm known to babysit the kids while the mums and dads get some valuable time to browse books and enjoy themselves. Woof! 🐾

Echo - Assistant Manager

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I was named after a figure in Greek mythology, so for as long as I can remember I've loved exploring the mythologies and beliefs of cultures from around the world. I read voraciously as a child, would sneak into the library to devour books during recess breaks in High School, and have always been especially partial to books that shake the foundations of my perception of the world. Naturally, this propensity means I am an avid reader of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Comic Books/Graphic Novels, and World Fiction. My Non-Fiction interests are Culture, History, Nature, Philosophy, Mysticism, and Psychology, for the same reason.

Some of my very favourite authors are Ursula K Le Guin, Jane Austen, Neil Gaiman, Gabriel García Márquez, J.R.R. Tolkien, Leo Tolstoy, Terry Pratchet, William Shakespeare, Alan Moore, Robert Anton Wilson, Pema Chödrön, and Phillip Carr-Gomm.

I am currently undertaking a double major degree in Anthropology and Psychology, and you will find me at the Faraway Tree Bookshop on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, blissfully surrounded by books that I love, and dreaming of someday writing one myself. 

Kim - Sales Assistant

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For me, looking through books and reading books is all about the stillness.
The quieting of my surroundings and inner world. 
Starting with a blank canvas and then bit by bit the creation of new life emerging.
Colour, faces, imagination unravels and inspiration is felt.
Like most creative pursuits, I see it as a collaboration between author and reader.
Delving into the unknown to make it known.